SDB Popularity Ranking: 41441

Last name: Stuttman

SDB Popularity ranking: 41441

Recorded in various spellings including Stutt, Stute, Stuttman, Stuttmann and others, this is a German surname. It is probably occupational for a breeder of horses. The derivation seems to be from the Olde German 'stut' meaning a mare, although it could also mean a baker, as in Stutenbacker, a baker of white bread. Occupational surnames follow a certain system. At first they were not hereditary, only becoming so after a son followed his father or perhaps grandfather into the same occupation. In the early days of surnames from about the 14th century it was possible for father and son to carry separate surnames dependant on the occupation that they chose to follow. In the case of this surname early recordings include Albert Stute of Koln (Cologne) in the year 1183, making this one of the first surnames to be recorded anywhwre in the world. Other examples include: Walther Stutggarter of Renningen in 1381, Joachim Stodmeister of Berlin in 1639, and Christoph Stutmann of Hannover in 1678.

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