SDB Popularity Ranking: 27388

Last name: Molfino

SDB Popularity ranking: 27388

This is an Italian surname which has been well recorded since early in the 17th century, and was probably in existence before then. Unfortunately Italian surviving records for prior to this period are few and erratic in performance when available. The surname is almost certainly locational from a place called 'Molfino', translating probably as 'the mill by the vineyard', which is, or may have been, in the Genoa area, although we have no positive proof. It is also possible that the name is a dialectal transposition of the more popular 'Molino', meaning 'the place of the mill', and found in a number of Italian town and villages names. The surviving records appear to indicate that the surname was originally only to be found in the town of Rapallo. If this is correct, one family of which the original founders were Stefano and Marietta Molfino, seem to be responsible for most if not all, the later descendants and nameholders. This couple were first recorded on November 20th 1619 when they married in Rapallo. They had numerous offspring between then and about 1632. In 1695 the name as Stephano was, in traditional Italian style being carried by the eldest son, in this case great grandson, Stefano Molfino, the son of Benditto, being christened at Rapallo on April 4th of that year.

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