SDB Popularity Ranking: 11610

Last name: McGettrick

SDB Popularity ranking: 11610

This is a very unusual surname. Recorded as McKetterick, McGetrick, McGettrick, McKetrick, McKettrick, McKitterick and possibly others in the Republic, this has long been regarded as an Irish surname, but is equally Scottish and in both cases Norse! It derives from the Norse word 'sitric' meaning sword or knife, and in Ireland as McGettrick is particularly associated with County Sligo in the far west. This was a Norse kingdom during the first Millenium. As McKitterick and McGetrick the name is originally Scottish from Galloway, and in Ireland is particularly associated with Counties Armagh and Monaghan in the north. An early recording of the surname is that of John MacKeterick. He is given as being a trumpeter in Captains Parson's troop in the army list for Ireland in 1640, whilst Alexander McKitrick was a settler in the Clogher area of Ulster in 1641. Interestingly the very first recording of the surname in any form is believed to be that of Teag MacShitteruk in a Judicial Roll for Waterford in the year 1306.

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