SDB Popularity Ranking: 18194

Last name: Marmion

SDB Popularity ranking: 18194

This is a famous surname of French origins. First introduced into England at the time of the Norman Conquest by Robert de Marmyon, Lord of Fontney in Normandy, it is now generally spelt as Marmion, Marmon or Marmont. It was for many years one of the most famous names in England and France, and according to the Dictionary of French Surnames, it was a soubriquet or nickname. If so the derivation is from the word 'marmot', which describes the small animal known as the mountain mouse. What is surprising is how such a family, famous for their skills at arms, and who at one time held estates in the counties of Warwickshire, Yorkshire, Devonshire, Nottinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, and the city of Oxford, came to be called from the marmot. This is one of natures least warlike animals. Many nickname surnames, it would seem, do represented the exact opposite of what they appear to portray, this may be one of them. What is also surprising is how the original family holding the barony of Tamworth in Warwickshire, as well as holding the honary title of Queen's Champion, seem to have totally lost their lands and estates, with many branches becoming extinct. This seems to have started when Baron Marmyon of Wetrington who had three daughters, died in 270. With his death the title of Champion passed to the Dymokes of Scrivelsby by marriage.

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