SDB Popularity Ranking: 6077

Last name: Mahood

SDB Popularity ranking: 6077

This is an Irish surname which is often recorded (in Ireland) as Mahood, Hood, Hodde, Hoods Hudde, and Hoodes. It originates from the Gaelic MachUid or O'uHid, meaning "the son of Ud" or "the descendant of Ud", the latter being an ancient personal name of uncertain meaning, but possibly "time". Whether that meant that the first nameholder and chief of tribe had some connection with being able to tell the time, or perhaps was a time keeper, is not proven. Many, indeed the majority of true Gaelic surnames have a meaning associated with the original chief, and these were usually a nickname of some sort. In Ireland Mahood has often been shortened to Hood, and confusion sometimes arises because the people in the Republic called Hood are of English origins, whilst those in the North are of Gaelic origins. The original Irish O'hUids were hereditary bards to the clan O'Neill based upon Ulster, and the famous Irish Genealogist Dr Edward MacLysaght considered that the people now called Mahood should really be O'Hood. Very confusing. The first recording of the surname in any spelling is believed to be that of Teag O'huid, in the Annals of the four Masters, about the year 1400. This was during the reign of King Henry 1V of England 1399 to 1413.

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