SDB Popularity Ranking: 40632

Last name: Losseljong

SDB Popularity ranking: 40632

This is a compound surname probably of Dutch or Northern German origins, but with a possibly an English suffix. It is made up of two separate and individual surnames, Lossel and Jong or Yong, all recorded widely in their own right. Taking Lossel first. This is a development of the 5th century German 'Ludovicus', later found in the short forms of Louis (France), Ludwig (Germany) and Lewis (England and Wales). It derives from 'hlod + wig' and translates as 'famous war'. It may be described as a typical name of the period, when names associated with honour, glory and political control, were 'politically correct'. This was after the fall of the Roman Empire in 412 a.d.,when any form of stability was in short supply! This name in all its myriad spellings, was particularly popular in France, and remained so until the execution of King Louis X1V in 1792. In Germany the development seems to have been from Ludovicus to Lude, Lotze, Lose, and Losel or Lossel, although in what order and over what period is uncertain. Early examples of the surname recording include Heirich Losel ze Eblingen, Germany in the year 1249, and Hermann Loselein of the same place in 1338. The suffix Jong, Yong or Yonge, usually derives from the same root as the English Young, indeed it may be English, Richard Yonge of Sussex being recorded in that county in 1296. The derivation is the pre 7th century Olde English and Anglo-Saxon word 'geong', given to the younger of two people both bearing the same name. It is a name recorded in several ways including in The Netherlands as de Jong and Jong, in Germany Jongeling, Jung, Junk and Junker, and in England and Scotland as Young. One of the first recordings was that of Robert le Junge of Worcester, England in 1275, whilst Catarina Jong was born in Amsterdam, Holland, on July 2nd 1584.

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