SDB Popularity Ranking: 16217

Last name: Kermeen

SDB Popularity ranking: 16217

This is a Manx surname from the Isle of Man, which lies between England, Ireland and Wales. It is of early Gaelic origins being a form of MacEireamoin. This literally translates as 'The son of Eiramoin', the latter a personal name meaning 'Boar-friend'. As to why somebody should be called Boar-friend is one of the intriguing mysteries of early Olde Enguish and Gaelic surnames. However it would seem that during the period of history known as 'The Dark Ages' from roughly the 5th century when the Romans returned to Rome, and the 9th century when the Vikings conquered all before them, education and a reasonable standard of life was begining to be created. In this period people adopted 'names' which were often redolent of courage, strength, religion and wise counsel. The boar was famed for its courage and resourcefulness, and to be so-called was highly regarded. It also forms one of the most significant heraldic charges. This surname was apparently first recorded in the year 1429 as MacErmyn, becoming Curmin in 1603 and Kermeen in 1630. It has subsequently been recorded on occasion as Curmeen and Kameen, although these variations do not seem to have survived.

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