SDB Popularity Ranking: 9631

Last name: Eisenberg

SDB Popularity ranking: 9631

Recorded originally as Ysen and later Eisen, and meaning an iron worker, and with many compounds such as Eisesenberg, Eisenburg, (iron mountain) Eisenburger (one who came from Eisenberg in Thuringia), Eisenhower (a maker of eisenhauers, a special sword), Eisensmith (a worker in cold iron), and Eisenstadt, from a village of the same name in Austria. This is a surname of Germanic origins, meaning that it could be found in Germany itself, Austria, Switzerland and parts of Poland. It is medieval and one of the earliest of all German surnames being first recorded in the year 1331 with that of Johannes Ysenberg also recorded as Usenberg at Baden Baden whilst Hans Eysenburg, given as being a schuster or shoe maker, was recorded at Memmingen in 1497.

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