SDB Popularity Ranking: 3995

Last name: Cramond

SDB Popularity ranking: 3995

This is a Sottish locational surname from the estate known as "The lands of Cramond" in Midlothian. The name is ancient, the history dating back to at least 1289, when William de Caramund as spelt, held the very senior post of "clericus" to Sir Alexander Bailiol, the chamberlain of Scotland. The post of "clericus" the later clerk, was of great importance in medieval times. It signified both a person who could read and write, a rare achievement in those far off days, but also one who had had a university or monastery education. Being a "clericus" may have almost been a family business for the Cramonds , as John de Cramound, who was almost certainly closely related, held a similar post north of the Firth of Forth in the year 1292. Other early recordings include Laurence de Craumound of Forfarshire who rendered homage to the government of John Baliol in 1296, whilst later Thomas Crawmount, recorded as being a merchant, was given safe passage into England in 1476. The coat of arms granted to William de Caramund in 1278 has the blazon of a blue shield charged with a gold bend, between three silver pelicans feeding their young. Heraldically the pelican was reknowned for its wise ways.

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