SDB Popularity Ranking: 10421

Last name: Ausher

SDB Popularity ranking: 10421

Recorded in several spellings a shown below, this is an English and French status surname. It is said to be of pre 7th century origins, and is derived from the Olde French word 'ussier' and was probably introduced into England before the famous Conquest and Invasion of 1066, and into Ireland after the invasion of that coyuntry in 1170. The name is occupation and descriptive for an Usher, one of the most important positions in a royal or noble household. In the status listing, the Usher was above the Marshall, and second only to the Steward of the household. The usher being responsible for deciding who was to be admitted to the royal or noble presence, and hence a position of considerable authority and power, and one which could be abused. As a surname it is recorded in the spellings of Ausher, Usher, Ussher, Ussier, Husher, Le Usher, Lusher, and possibly others. Amongst the earliest examples of the surname recordings are those of William le Ussier, also recorded as William Lussier, of Somerset in 1243, and Adam Husser of Cumberland in 1332. Interestingly 'Usher' was one of the earliest recorded surnames in the New American colonies of the 17th century, with John Usher aged 26, being an emigrant to Virginia Colony in January 1634. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Richard Ussier. This was dated 1216, in the rolls of the monastery of Colchester, Essex, during the reign of King Henry III, known as " The Frenchman", who reigned from 1216 to 1272.

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