SDB Popularity Ranking: 5973

Last name: Allender

SDB Popularity ranking: 5973

Recorded as Oland, Olland, Olin, and the equally rare Olanda, Olander and Ollander, as well as possibly Allander and Allender, this is a surname of several potential origins. It is almost certainly English but if not may be from the Netherlands, and hence a Hollander. Many people of Dutch origin were employed in the East Anglia region as engineers working on the mjor drainage schemes of the 15th to 18th centuries. The name has certainly been recorded in the surviving registers of the diocese of Greater London since the mid 17th century as Olander, with the first recording being that of John Olander, whose son William was christened at St Marks church, Stoke Newington, on February 22nd 1664, with the spelling as Allander or Allender being a century or so later. It is our opinion that the surname originates from some English place such as Allendale in Northumberland or Allendale village in County Durham, or it is a transposition of the regional word Hollander, which usually described a person from the state of Holland, but may also have described some one from one of the places called Holland In England! Holland means hollow or low lying land. It is interesting that the first recording coincides with the restoration of King Charles 11nd to the English throne in 1660. The Dutch played a part in that event providing much of the necessary finance, but it seems improbable that there is any direct connection with this name. Other recordings include Adam Olland or Oulland at Spalding in Linconshire on December 19th 1613, George Allender, at the church of St Sepulchre in the city of London, on April 15th 1750, whilst .

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